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*NEW South Inch Flexi Passes*

Purchasing more than 1-class will allow you a discount!

YOU CHOOSE which class you'd like to attend and if you can't make one, just use it for another date - providing it's for same location

CHANGE LEVELS Beginner/Refresher but fancy trying Refreshers/Intermediate Flow one week? Or vice versa? Or maybe want to attend 2 classes in one day? No problem!

HOW? Just click on one of the green buttons (choose own mat/+mat) based on qty of classes you'd like to attend then choose your dates to which suit you and I'll see you there!

IF you choose a '+mat' button and you intend to borrow a mat PLEASE let me know which dates/levels by leaving a note in your Paypal purchase.  (+mat clients can still change dates but please try to give me 24hrs notice so I know qty mats to bring)  


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