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Elevate Yoga Scotland is a solo enterprise based in Scotland with a focus on Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga for all abilities and in the understanding that you come to the mat with whatever experience, energy, ability or mood you have and I meet you where you are without judgement. 


Yoga is offered as a class or workshop-based session both indoors and outdoors, with an emphasis on creating safe, welcoming, calm, accessible environments where each body and need is unique. I hope to make you feel, welcome, relaxed and to help you enjoy your time on the mat.

What led me to yoga?

My main passion for yoga is how it can boost our mental and emotional health, both on and off the mat. I've experienced depression and anxiety since I was a teenager and found yoga in my 20s through an amazing teacher in an affordable class at my local leisure centre in Glasgow where I lived and worked at the time.  It was the one time in the week I knew I would feel connected to my body and it kept me grounded and calm.  I loved this sense of peace and would save up for cheap retreats and visit Glasgow Buddhist Centre to learn meditation.

Why do yoga?

We can connect our body and mind through yoga practise as a starting point to improving our own health and outlook. Learning and practising yoga can help find peace, calm, coping mechanisms and an anchor in the storm, whether this be our own internal chat/thoughts or the busy pace of life.  Yoga can help regulate our hormones, mood, emotional and mental health and an awareness of who we really are, this can can impact on positive self-esteem, being less critical of ourselves as we begin to learn to care for ourselves better, diet and lifestyle choices and connection with ourselves and others.  And for the body, we can improve our physical strength, stamina, joint flexibility, spinal alignment, respiratory health, sleep and have healthier internal organs.   I believe yoga is life changing.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to meet you in a class or workshop one day soon! And to my existing clients or anyone who has ever attended an Elevate Yoga class, course or workshop,, online or in person or the clients, friends or family who support me in any way on this journey, Namaste!  


Yoga Training​

Yoga Teaching:

  • Live Active Blairgowrie, 2016-19

  • University of Highlands & Islands, Academy of Sport and Wellbeing, 2017

  • Own classes as Elevate Yoga Scotland, 2018-present


  • Private clients including:

  • Glendoick Garden Centre (staff),

  • NHS,

  • Perth Autism Scotland

  • Thorntons Solicitors

  • Andy's Man Club

  • Perth & Kinross Children's & Young People's Services (teaching staff)

  • University of Highlands & Islands (teaching staff)

  • Private Weddings

  • 1-1 clients

  • Public classes in Highlands and Perthshire

Workshops and classes with:​

Fully public liability insured
Covid double-vaccinated



"I love outdoor yoga! Especially when the weather is kind to us, which it has been the majority of the time I’ve been going. I thought it might be a bit distracting doing it on the Inch but you really switch off to everything that’s going on around you.  It’s so peaceful and relaxing at the same time as working, stretching and sometimes challenging your body and mind."

"It’s an hour that you can totally switch off to everything that’s going on in your life! Frances makes it easy to learn and is attentive while keeping everything light-hearted. Thanks Frances".

"I would 100% recommend was made to feel at total ease

despite no previous experience.  Frances is an amazing professional and really has a great energy!  I will definitely be returning!"

"Has brought me flexibility! (had stiff back/hips) and calmness".

"Yoga is...time remember to calm enjoy a good stretch...and to be stretched, enjoy the company of part of a group...focus in, zone out...all made possible and brought together by our inspiring and lovely teacher Frances...always encouraging, welcoming and thoughtful. I'm so pleased I found this. x"
"Has given me body confidence.  Helps maintain flexibility. 
Enjoy the company and seeing small improvements in my technique".
"Definitely brings relaxation, enjoy it as an end of the week down time. 
Has improved strength in my ankles and wrists. Enjoy being able to pass it onto my own clients in care work via Chair Yoga".
"I find the tummy breathing/breathing technique really calms me.
Doing the stretches slowly is so different from Body Balance - much better. Thank you, Love the class xxx"
"Brings me peace, relaxation and flexibility".
"I leave your yoga class with a smile on my face feeling more comfortable and more spacious inside and out!"
"Frances is a warm and empathic teacher who makes everyone feel at ease. I highly recommend her yoga classes for anyone, from complete beginners to advanced".
"You will be a huge miss to the yogis of Blairgowrie!"
"Your yoga classes were always so soothing, and the way you nurtured an atmosphere of kindness and respect among the group was the loveliest thing.  I hope you spread as much joy in all your future yoga endeavours".
"Will miss you so much.  Your approach is unique, supportive and encouraging.  Thank you for your warmth and kindness and  your generosity of spirit".
"I want to thank you for all the good times and laughs I've had attending your classes and trying to incorporate your excellent teaching into my practise.
You really will be missed".
"You were my first ever yoga teacher.  And now I'm hooked".
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Elevate Yoga Scotland has been running indoor and outdoor yoga and wellbeing events since 2018 so an
archive of events and images coming soon!

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