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Beginners Yoga 4 x Week Block

First regular classes since relocating
Elevate Yoga Scotland to Ayrshire!
Thrilled to be offering Beginners Yoga in Kilmaurs from February 2024.
This 4 x week block starts on Thursday 15th February and will take you through the basics of yoga as a mini course.

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Could the Cosy Rest + Recover Mini Retreat on Sat 24th Feb 2024 be perfect for you or a loved one? Restorative Yoga based, this will be ideal for anyone with mobility issues, injury recovery, illness, chronic pain or mental or physical exhaustion or burnout. This will be mainly floor based but will not involve any strain on joints and will use props for padding and relaxing into the floor. 
There are 2 x spaces left which you can book for £25 or to treat yourself or a loved one book the Valentines promotion for £30 to include a gift bag with pillar candle, aromatherapy incense sticks and Rose Quartz crystal.       

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Elevate Yoga Scotland YouTube 

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Did you know that you can support Elevate Yoga Scotland to grow and flourish? You can do this in one click and free of charge by Subscribing to Elevate Yoga Scotland's very own You Tube channel for free.  All mini courses and classes are now available free and this channel is now live.  Please like, share and subscribe!

Filmed indoors or outdoor in beautiful winter locations in Highland Perthshire mini courses are offered at Complete Beginner, Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow levels.  Also includes a more recent Yoga for Cramp filmed in Perth's Subud Centre.  If you suffer from endemetriosis, heavy periods, IBS, severe menstrual cramp or other tummy issues then this mini class is for you.

Equally if you just want a chilled out mini class for stress relief you are more than welcome to try this one out! More themed classes and mini courses will be filmed in Scottish locations and available soon! 


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