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Yoga can relieve physical and mental strain and a lunchtime or after work yoga session can restore and refresh staff in body and mind making everyone happier and calmer. Could your employees/colleagues benefit from this?

These sessions can be offered as

  • a one-off session

  • a short trial block

  • regular block bookings

Affordable prices allow staff to access yoga in their own workplace or even free if funding streams are sought by employers.


Workplace Wellbeing Sessions and blocks I've ran in the past have benefited from NHS funding sought by employers to alleviate staff stress.  This funding allowed them to offer their employees free yoga sessions - this speaks volumes of how staff physical and mental wellbeing is cherished and valued.

Below is a selection of flyers created for recent sessions done for a number of private companies with some details removed to protect client privacy/data protection.  As shown, these can be single sessions or a series of themed sessions. 


To discuss Workplace Wellbeing Sessions please contact me via Bookings page.

outreach &


In the UK, sometimes there are barriers to yoga which can be seen as only for people of a certain age bracket, ability, body shape, gender, age, personality, ethnicity, class, income, background etc. Let's smash these barriers down!


Since Elevate Yoga began in 2018, free classes for the community and in the city centre have taken place as well as free offers for Students, NHS and for Teachers in several local authorities.   EYS has also ran free public outdoor classes.

In addition Elevate Yoga has worked with various local mental health, women's groups and parents/carers of children with Autism to offer free yoga sessions.

Perhaps if you work in the voluntary sector you might be able to offer your clients free or low cost yoga sessions which can be ran at your venue/suitable venue?  Below are a few flyers of events offered and a postponed fundraising event which was in the planning stage before lockdown.  EYS looks forward to continuing this outreach both independently and partnering with local non-profit organisations and charities. 

Please contact me to discuss further via Bookings page.

1-1 ad.jpg

private 1-1s + 

small group bookings

Many people new to yoga would prefer a 1-1 private yoga session if trying yoga for the first time, if recovering from injury or illness or all types of reasons.  This could be made easier by bringing a friend or partner or even teaming up with a small group of people who would prefer a more tailored session. 


Perhaps you would like to book 1-1 or small group yoga for a special celebration or event such a hen weekend or birthday celebration? Please contact me on the Bookings page.

A recent 1-1 client now attends weekly yoga practise recently kindly offered her feedback below.

"I had a 1-1 session with you at Glendoick. I found it to be very beneficial as a starting point for my yoga journey! You inspired me and gave me confidence to attend yoga classes.

The session made me realise the importance of taking time-out to look after ME! 

I felt calmer after the session, and was eager for my next class! You really encouraged me! I find your calm, quiet manner very condusive to yoga. I also find that you explain things in a way that is easy to understand". 

Mandy Grant, Perth

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