Workplace Wellbeing & Charity Group Sessions

Yoga can alleviate physical and mental strain and a lunchtime or an after work yoga session can restore and refresh staff in body and mind. Would this be something your employees or colleagues would benefit from?

These sessions can be offered as a one-off sessions or for a short trial/regular block booking in your workplace.  These sessions can also be run for volunteers or service users within charitable organisations and community groups.

Affordable prices that allow staff to access yoga in their own workplace or even free if funding streams are sought by employers. Workplace Wellbeing Sessions and blocks I've ran in the past have benefited from NHS funding sought by employers to alleviate staff stress.  This funding allowed them to offer their employees free yoga sessions - this speaks volumes of how staff are cherished and valued.

Below is a selection of flyers created for recent sessions done for a number of private companies with some details removed to protect client privacy/data protection.  As shown, these can be single sessions or a series of themed sessions. 


To discuss Workplace Wellbeing Sessions please email me/see contact page.

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